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Welcome We are a small but motivated company, with a passion for our planet as well as our health. Verdesky is a company with a vision to build a green planet by offering modern, eco-friendly and sustainable products that help rid the planet of plastic consumption. We develop friendly and purposeful relationships with local artisans from around the world and help carry forward a prosperous lifestyle.

As we all know how plastic is responsible for human health and environmental degradation. Billions of plastic products are entering our landfills and are even entering our oceans, killing millions of our marine animals. Plastic not only is bad for the environment but also proven to be harmful for our health.

The use of polythene bag, plastic bottles, straws, lids, and food packaging can be exposed them to harmful toxins. How do chemicals or toxins from plastics enter the human body? Like, one of the health risks associated with drinking bottled water is the fact that you may be exposed to harmful toxins. This is common with older bottles as well as bottles that have been exposed to the heat. BPA and other plastic toxins can then enter your bloodstream, which can cause a host of health problems as well as cancer.

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Real Reviews From Real Customers

I bought and used these hand-made bamboo spoons. The quality is very durable and the finishing is also good. They arrived in a box and wrapped in bubble poly. Love that is made from natural bamboo. 🙂

Nancy Perez / Facebook

I bought these table placemat after buying a few other that didn’t look so good with my kitchen or were just cheap. It makes my dinning table stand out & gives a nice look. I washed it and doesn’t tear apart like the previous ones I’ve purchased. Normally I wash it and it cleaned super well with no tears. Absolutely recommended. The price is super affordable as well.

Jimena Canavesi / Facebook

The color of this golden fiber looks original and the round placemats are true to the picture. The two-tone swirl of these mats brings out the solid color of my plates. Also, due to its thickness, I feel like I have extra protection for the high-gloss surface of my dining table. If you want great-looking placemats, try these!!

Carol Ramírez

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